Some questions to consider when you organize an event to prevent it from remaining an attempt:

  • Does the event take place indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, then have you thought about the changing weather conditions? If an event takes place outside, have you provided the band with a waterproof roof over their heads and a dry and dust-free floor under their feet? Our band will not perform under open skies and on the sand.
  • Is the electrical system durable and of high quality? We need to consume approx. 5 kW of power.
  • Whose sound system is used to conduct the overall event (speeches, the host’s microphone, other artists, background music, etc.)? The band has its own sound and light equipment which, as a rule, arrives and departs along with the band. Lending our equipment is possible but needs to be negotiated in advance.
  • Does the band have enough room to perform, leaving the guests enough room to dance? Our minimum space requirement is 3 x 4 m.
  • Will other performers need to use the stage as well? After the band has settled in, the equipment is fairly difficult to move around (drum set, amplifiers, sound mixer, the guitars, microphone stands, etc.). So, if other performers need to use the stage, you must consider if beforehand to make room for the band.
  • What happens between the band sets, who is responsible for background music?
  • What happens after the band calls it a night – will the party continue and is sound equipment needed? Or should you consider hiring a DJ?
  • Have you provided the band with a backstage room for keeping/changing clothes? One the band’s must-have conditions is a changing and resting room near the performance venue.
  • When ordering a band, define clearly, what do you expect the artist to do at your party, how many sets do you want us to perform, and what are the start and end times. A pre-signed written agreement helps to ensure a successful party. If you wish to order the band long in advance, the band’s condition is a pre-signed performance agreement.
  • No band knows every song in the world, so a certain instrumental or dance request (a special wedding waltz, birthday song) must be agreed beforehand.
  • When you have promised to contact the band to specify any details, be sure to do so. Let us know, if you have decided to cancel the event or invite someone else to perform.

Please note! The band’s sound equipment rider: (link to the PDF document)

Specific questions regarding the sound equipment: Reigo Tõnisson, phone +372 5340 2963