Risto Lehiste

vocals, rhythm guitar

A fan of the Estonian pop music, cultural events organiser, museum worker, exhibition composer. A (former) music educator. Band manager.


Karel Kasak

lead guitar, vocals

A certified jazz guitarist. Guitar and ensemble teacher at several music schools (often also at Nukker Kukek..) A fan of motorcycles, history, films and computer games.

Bass guitar, vocals

Reigo Tõnisson

bass guitar, vocals

Tutor of Põltsamaa guitar ensembles, the grey eminence of local sound industry. The Teacher of the Year 2016. The band’s sound technician.

Ken Koemets

drums, vocals

The baptising drummer of Estonian stoner rock, the wild rose of dirty humour. The merriest man of our band. A music educator. 😊

Other band members throughout the years:

Andres “Ants” Mikk

Kristo Matson

Kristjan Matson

Laur Joamets

Oskar Orupõld

Priit Jääger

Priit Sootla

Numerous excellent fill-ins we have had the honour and pleasure to make music with.